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International professional with over 16 years leading global projects, including 7 years relocated in China. A creative mind with an inclusive and empowering entrepreneur approach and solid analytical capabilities who is able to work in highly unpredictable environments.

She has proven to be versatile and extremely motivated. Her dedication in working within international and uncertain environments has allowed her to develop fast-learning skills, and strong adaptability to new processes, circumstances and cultural dynamics. America is currently back in Spain and looking for new projects to reach her full potential and share her professional expertise.

MBA in International Business

Disruptive Business & Digital Marketing Expert


Work experience


09/2009 – Present

Founder of an international consulting agency that provides comprehensive support to institutions and private companies for their projects overseas.

I balance my role as an entrepreneur, leading the company's day-to-day operations, supervising the company finances, managing teams, and coordinating business development and marketing initiatives while covering the whole lifecycle of each project from strategy and customer needs identification to project closure and acceptance.

Some of the most relevant projects under my responsibility were:

· ICE Castilla y Leon Regional Government

• Arranged business agendas and matchmaking for the TIC LATAM Castilla y Leon Summit

• Planned events within the APAC region, including seminars, international exhibitions, product presentations, tastings, farm trips, and workshops.

· Spanish National Florist Association

• Wrote the AOA and prepared due diligence to legalize the Association for its 700 members

• Set up an internal platform for communication between members and shared contacts and collaborations

• Set up a marketplace to allow associates to continue with their business online during the COVID-19 quarantines

· ChatWith.io

• Supported a disruptive startup that provides business opportunities within the WhatsApp environment in its early stages (phase 1: 250K€ investment, phase 2: 1M€ investment)

• Identified business opportunities and partners

• Provided project management and technical assistance

· China Chief Representative for IPEX Castilla La Mancha Regional Government

• Served as institutional representation in China and regional development

• Conducted market studies, data analysis, research, and critical reports

• Arranged high-level meetings and official trips for government officials into the APAC region (including agendas, logistics, talking points, and presentations, as well as travel permits and invitation letters)

• Planned events within the APAC region, including seminars, international exhibitions, product presentations, tastings, farm trips, and workshops.

· DO Valdepeñas

• Coordinated marketing campaign for the Chinese market

• Designed the communication strategy and ad hoc content for social media

• Designed the website and regularly uploaded content

• Prepared technical and economic projects for ERDF audit

· KuaJing Europe Representative Officer

• Identified new business opportunities

• Established and maintained effective relationships with providers and distributors

• Coordinated logistics and, in some cases, prepared customs requirements

· Itrecafe market research

• Itrecafe is a regional transformation initiative aimed to provide economic alternatives to support the sustainable development of coffee growing in the Mesoamerican region

· WO Guanxi

• Founder and president of the Women Guanxi (Woguanxi) Association. A network-based in Beijing, entitled to promote women in business, encouraging collaborations among its members and mentoring


10/2006 – 09/2009

I worked in the BD Technical team as Bid Manager at Winterra from May 2008 to September 2009, where I was in charge of elaborating the technical and economic proposals, fitting the requirements of the tender specifications, and leading an outstanding team of 17 engineers.

My responsibilities also included building and maintaining the relationship with institutions and organizations as well as analyzing customer needs and competitor offers through market intelligence and insight from the production team.

Previously, I served as a BD consultant, supporting the bid manager at Urazka from January 2008 to May 2008 and Teconsa from October 2006 to January 2008.


02/2004 – 10/2006

I was in charge of supervising the works on the construction site, reporting to the CEO and equity manager, and providing technical feedback on new projects and solutions while liaising between the architect, property, and constructors monitoring and reporting the on-site process, cost deviations, quality control, and deadlines.


03/03 - 01/04 Construction Manager Assistant

06/02 - 09/02 Architect Assistant. Summer Internship

Professional skills

Technical expertise